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The remedy to comparison and feeling like everyone else has it figured out but you.



Feb 15, 2021

What's your desire telling you?

⁣When I'm working with clients, I like to say that our desire is always calling us to reach for more, and is usually the step BEFORE the step.

For example:⁣
* We feel hunger before we reach for a snack.⁣
* We feel thirst before we reach for a glass of water. ⁣
* We feel DESIRE...

Feb 7, 2021

Jealousy is often seen as a negative emotion. And let's be honest, it doesn't feel that great when we experience it. ⁣

BUT, what does it look like if we approach our jealousy with a little compassionate curiosity? In my experience, jealousy is calling our attention to deeper desire that we may not be fully aware...