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The remedy to comparison and feeling like everyone else has it figured out but you.



Apr 8, 2020

About a month ago, I was feeling a little restless and overloaded with life’s responsibilities. ⁣

While working side by side at Cafe’ Patachou (…remember those days?), Jen Petro suggested I take a solo-retreat. ⁣

I remember thinking, “Huh? Just go somewhere by myself, for myself, for no other reason than I want to?”⁣

It sounded indulgent, a little selfish, and OH SO NECESSARY. Saying yes to myself in this way changed my life. Truly. ⁣

Self-care for me this this week means using more compassionate, less anxiety inducing language.⁣

   🤍stuck at home >> having a staycation⁣

   🤍feeling lonely >> becoming a better friend to myself⁣

   🤍feeling isolated >> on a retreat ⁣

Telling myself I’m on a retreat has dropped my stress level and helped me feel more settled in an uncertain time. ⁣

PLEASE NOTE: These examples are based on my privileged position of being physically healthy, able to work from home, and feeling safe.⁣

If this is not where you are at this time, taking a solo-retreat may feel more appealing when the storm passes, the dust settles, and we’re able to be in each other’s company again.⁣