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The remedy to comparison and feeling like everyone else has it figured out but you.



Sep 30, 2020

Ahhhh connection. The heartbeat of relationships and the reason we communicate. 

Coming out of a two week communication challenge felt like the perfect time to introduce this topic for one VERY important reason.

-> We are BURNT OUT.

Maybe today you're having a good day, maybe you're not. Either way, it's ok, you're not alone, and I get it. What I know for sure is what I feel, and what I'm being told. And that's a weekly mix of tired, weary, anxious, burnout, isolated, and tense. 

In this podcast I explore some of the language we use when we're close to burnout and how reconnecting with ourselves, others, and our purpose can bring healing and relief. 


If you want to take this self-exploration further, click HERE to pick up a copy of my guided journal Treasured: a journal for unearthing you.

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