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The remedy to comparison and feeling like everyone else has it figured out but you.



May 27, 2020

In 2014, Kris Taylor published her first book - The Leader's Guide to Turbulent Times. She had no way of knowing just how right she'd be about "turbulent times", and 6 years later how much we'd all benefit from her knowledge.

Kris Taylor is a speaker, author, educator and founder of Evergreen Leadership.  

I first met Kris at a workshop she was leading along side of fellow coaches Caroline Dowd-Higgins, and my dear friend and former Don't Cut Your Own Bangs guest Lindsay Boccardo.

It was at this workshop that I first admitted - out loud - that I wanted to make a podcast. The confidence and clarity to go from having an idea to making it a reality came as a direct result from Kris and this workshop. 

This was a wonderful full circle moment for me. Kris was as gracious and generous in this interview as she was the first time I met her. I know you're going to love her too.