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The remedy to comparison and feeling like everyone else has it figured out but you.



Aug 21, 2018

Jason Barnaby is passionate about two things, helping you create a vision for your life that lights you up inside with his coaching business Fire Starters, Inc, and cultivating a support team that supports that vision with Tribe Vibe. He's also a founding member of IU Bloomington's Dance Marathon for Riley Children's Hospital.

Our conversation is warm, moving, full of laughs and valuable insight for anyone wanting to get clear about how to create a purpose driven life. 

Jason’s love for facilitating A-HA moments with groups and individuals led him to start his own company, Fire Starters Inc. in 2017.  Its mission is to work with individuals and corporations to get them unstuck from the status quo and ignite lasting change. His first book, Fire Starters, chronicles the journeys of 5 people who said “so what” to their fears, built a tribe of supporters and found success in their original design.

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