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The remedy to comparison and feeling like everyone else has it figured out but you.



Aug 31, 2020

All feelings are created equal and deserve a seat at the table. BUT are feelings all communicated equally? Eh…. Not so much.⁣

Introducing “I feel” vs. “I feel like”⁣

What’s the difference?

“I feel” -> requires awareness, acknowledgement, and vulnerability.⁣

“I feel like” -> is an opportunity to continue telling you why I’m upset & what you’ve done wrong, while trying to sounding polite.⁣

Have you ever fallen into this trap? I have! It’s easy to do.⁣

Our feelings provide powerful insights into our lives. Think of yourself as an emotional scientist collecting data on your life. You want to gather and share the most accurate findings possible. Right? ⁣

In this podcast I explore three of my favorite ways to get clear and communicate in a way that best serves you and those around you.


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